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The moral aspect of using monitoring software

December 23rd, 2014

Today it is so easy to monitor over people when it’s needed. Unlike thousands of years ago, when people lived in the jungles without being bound to any particular place, today each person has his own small place in a big city. Say thanks for the technology, his being these is never secure. An average family has a dozen of computerized devices that could be easily turned into spies to devoid you of any privacy. Moreover, as the spying programs get into your mobile devices, you virtually end up carrying them wherever you go and whatever you do. People take their cellphones even as they go into a swimming pool down the stairs. As you could easily buy a spy phone like Flexispy and monitor over your targets, it still remains questionable whether or not we should do it from a good moral perspective. If you don’t know what Flexispy is, please do take some time and familiarize yourself with it first by reading this FlexiSpy review, before continuing.

This question is really not so easy to answer. Some of the people consider it a pure evil, actively pushing the legal initiatives into the state court, in order to forbid its use. See that as long as it achieves the actual spying, there is nothing really that divides it form the actual spying and even intrusion to your personal life. Obviously, there are two reasons why this is wrong. First is that it is actually quite disturbing. Just as you don’t any intruder visiting your house or standing by your door and peeping you out, you don’t want any unwanted software like Flexispy installed in your phone. Then again, you would never want to have your privacy at stake, for that’s just really seem to be a wrong thing when someone encroaches it. Even more so, when someone installs Flexispy, they can actually cause a potential data leakage that may be crucial not only for you but for your work and family. These spying apps don’t spare even from obtaining your credit card numbers, causing the potential fraud that is hard to repair.

On the other hand, some users opposite it by claiming to have some extreme necessities why they would want to use such applications. As in this society, people value much the family well-being, securing this well-being becomes their responsibility. Hence, if given any reasons to suspect oneself cheating, the partner has no better options that to find it out silently, with the use of spy phone applications. As the installed apps never actually interact with the users, they remain unnoticed 99% of the time. Other claim that tools like Flexispy help them achieve the necessary protection for their children. In my belief, children are actually quite nimble little bastards, and they can often find their way out of almost any unexpected situation. However these who claim to use it for this purpose do have the point, as if someone sets your kids up for a rape, you would really want to ring some alarm.